openHABian v1.4 / v1.4.1 released!


Yesterday I did a new installation and I’m wondering if I can change these things:

  1. I have changed the default host name “openhabianpi” but the frontail log viewer doesn’t update the link:

  2. Is there any chance to remove the “OPENHABIAN HELP” from this view?


Hey Michael, please see:

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About the Future of openHABian - Contributors Wanted!

Over the first halve of 2018 I will not be able to invest any significant time into the openHABian project. We are therefore looking for interested developers to drive the project further! Development can go in many directions and part of this release was also to clean up and structure the code base for your easy start. You should bring basic bash and git experience, the openHABian project is an easy one to get stated with! If you are interested, drop a comment, contact one of the openHAB maintainers privately or directly push a PR our way :wink:

Check out the list of existing ideas or add your own:


Update News (v1.4.1)

we are proud to release the v1.4.1 release of the Raspberry Pi openHABian image.

The release is a maintenance release to support the newly released Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. You can use it for all RPi models. As always: There is no need to reinstall an existing setup that was e.g. set up with the v1.4 or v1.3 image. For the Pine A64 the v1.4 image is still up-to-date.

Check out the first posting in this thread to find more details and download links.

Happy Automating!

Problems, Questions and further Discussion

If you have questions or if you ran into any difficulties, please post them over in the main openHABian thread:

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