openHABian v1.6.5 installation issue

  • Platform information: Raspberry Pi 4 , 64bit
  • openHAB version: openHABian 1.6.5
  • Issue of the topic: after writing the image openHABian 1.6.5 to SD card using Etcher of Raspberry Pi Imager and install into Raspberry Pi , setup are not starting at all and can not see any IP address assigned to RaspberryPI in network scan while if i use openHABian 1.6.4 version everything goes fine with no issue.

Can you attach a monitor and check what you see there?

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Can you run the official os on the PI ?

What lights come on

Which image did you use? 32bit or 64bit?
If it’s the second, please use the 32bit image:

I have used 64bit

But i just tried with 32bit and ut is working, thanks