Openhabian with raspberry pi3

Hi… I have been using openhabian automation for few months using pi3. As pi have few USB port. I was wondering if I can use it to access my external HDD something like Nas… So I can use my laptop to connect to the external HDD which connect to the raspberry pi3 which is running openhabian? Any recommendation?

This is actually not openHAB related, but a generic Linux question. Better search for “Samba” in a Linux forum, this will give you the answers.

technically that is possible by

  • mounting the HDD
  • exporting that mount via samba config ( /etc/samba/smb.conf )

but keep in mind

Thanks everyone. I got it work. However it seems like I can only access the SDcard where my openhabian is store in pi4. I try add my USB only raspberry pi and doesnt seem like I able to connect to the USB. Any idea? I try checked and read online couldn’t find any solution. Anyone able to point me to a direction?

Sorry to say from the description the problem is hardly to understand.
Do you mean you were able to mount the HDD.
But the export/share access does only show directories that are located on the SD card ?
If that is the case then the samba configuration has not been adapted or the modification does not work.

Sorry yes that is what I mean… so how do I go about getting it done? Any direction where I can find some answer?

You need to modify the configuration /etc/samba/smb.conf.
That file describes what and how to export directories into SMB protocol.

I also don’t know what you actually want to accomplish. How would you connect an external USB hard drive to both a Raspberry Pi and a laptop at the same time? And why do you want to do that?

If you just want to use your laptop to edit configuration files, then openHABian already does that over your network.

Idea is to connect the external drive to the Pi via USB.
Let the Pi export the drive via SMB protocol so that other computers can connect to the drive via network - use the Pi as a NAS.

But there was also mention of a laptop:

That’s what’s confusing me.

First post says: “like a NAS”

Hah. Actually, it says “something like Nas”, and I didn’t interpret that as “NAS”. Instead, I got hung up on the laptop and Pi3 both being attached to the hard drive by USB.

I’m caught up now.

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