openhabian,Z Stick offline, serialport issue

frech install on rasberypi3, added binding Zwave, added thing Zwave controller but it states controller offline. I have found ma+ny threads about this issue but no answers. no previus experiance on linux or openhab. any pointers

serial is /dev/ttyACM0

online . edit: for a few minutes, now offline again…
Edit 2: openhab-config disabled bluetooth, now aeon z-stick gen5 is online.

In this case I strongly recommend to use openHABian:

bare in mi nd, for me - it has switched from ACM0 to ACM1 for no reason other than openhab restarting.

There is a new version of the z-wave controller also with a thread discussing for openhab2:

ehh, I installed openHABian on the pi3 exactly for that reason, so openhabian is not working “out of the box”

on googeling for the solution for this i see its a known issue, but no clear answers to sort this out for a beginner like me whos never heard about SSH ever.

Please have in mind that mostly only users having issues are posting into this forum or other places.
I’m pretty sure that 95% or even more have installed openHABian successfully.

At what step of the setup process did you have problems?:

At what step of the zwave controller tutorial did you have problems:

What error message do you see in your openhab.log?

Iwe followed the hassel free openhabian setup tutorial to the dot. (i think).

No problems on the hassel free setup. but i had to retry booting the pi 3 times as i culd not connect to the pi ip., than i formated the sd card , etched a new image and started over. eventualy connected to openhabianpi via chrome on my windows laptop and ip adress , opend paper UI and added binding for z wave. connected usb stick and from here on trubble. reading on forum and trying the different sugestions, eventually i got the z stick online doing lots of things i dont fully understand, but i think disabeling the wifi and bluetooth in config did the trick. If there is a way of getting the z stick online and still have the bluetooth and wifi capability i would apretiate this. I dont mind going trugh the process again to get the perfect end result.

The advanced tutorial in your link is news to me, i cant even find it now that i know about it unless i use your link in this tread…where is it? i have read all i can find in the hassel free setup tutorial, and the openhab2 tutorial for beginners.

I have yet to discover how to open logs.


Actually the stick does not do a lot when online. It comes alive when you add your devices.

Never heard of that problem, sorry.

Type “zwave serial” in the search field of the docs and click on the first hit:

Iwe read that naturally, i have yet to fint the “finder” to find the home file etc. first things first.

Thanks for showing me the advanced tutorial by the way, i think it should be more avaliable than it is right now.


That is the big advantage of openHABian: you have everything included, you just need to enable it in the config menu:

In this case

Samba file sharing with pre-configured to use shares

is the way to go. Follow that tutorial and you are able to open your files via your windows laptop.