OpenHabian3 Backup not working + mirroring of SD card question

a beginners one:
Question 1: when I run OH backup through openhabian-config, the zip file does not contain my items in ...\openHAB-conf\items , rules, things… I was trying to find them in Samba fileshares, but it is also empty. Where are OH3 Items, Rules, Things and so on stored, when they are not there?

Question 2: how do I know, that mirroring of SD Card is active? I run it through openhabian-config, but I havent found any message, if it is succesfully started.


The items are in the json db (within openhab-userdata)

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Thank you Sascha, so my backup is correct!

how can i check if the SD card mirroring is on?

systemctl list-timers
watch out for sdr*.timer

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It also should have sent you an email after the first mirroring of the drive indicating that the operation had been sucessful.

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looks that i have those 2:

Tue 2021-02-02 02:00:00 CET   9h left               Sat 2021-01-23 02:00:00 CET  1 weeks 2 days ago sdrsync.timer
Thu 2021-07-01 01:15:00 CEST  4 months 27 days left Fri 2021-01-22 23:41:34 CET  1 weeks 2 days ago sdrawcopy.timer

so the SD card is backed up every 10 days, right?
I have not received any email yet.


No. Last full mirror run was 10 days ago, next is in 4 months, 27 day.

You need to have your MTA configured correctly for that to work, and if so it would have been when you’ve setup mirroring.

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thanks again, maybe another one, where can I setup cron to do it more often? sudo crontab -e does not seems to be the right one…

/etc/systemd/system/sdrawcopy.service. But you should be knowing what you do and I don’t think you want that.
Mind the second timer it is incremental only but runs daily. You can also start at any time using systemctl start sdrawcopy.service

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ok, as a beginner, I will leave it as it is. I am making configuration backups, copying them to my NFS, hopefully it will be enough to bring system back in case of fails.


Please could you tell me where I configure the MINT so that sd mirror sends me the emails when it makes the copy

openhabian menu 39

Thank you

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