Openhabianpi or install on Raspbian

Hi together,

as I am new to Openhab I have a general question in the beginning. What do you prefer related to installing Openhab:

  • Install openhabianpi-image
  • Install Raspbian or Debian-stretch and install Openhab through git

I am not sure if I won´t be able to get full functionality with openhabian since some tutorials say, “to get the full functionality install with git”

I assume, that all functionality may be configured through the configuration tool, or not?
Thank you and kind regards

If you are new to Linux: go with openHABian.

For openHABian: yes, most of the useful things can be done via included config tool:

If you already have some experience with Linux: go for Raspbian and Zulu Java.

Thank you :slight_smile: i have some experience with linux. I just wondered why Raspbian offers more since the config tool ist also supported by openhabian.

For me there is only one reason: if openHABian has an error you need to wait for maintainers to fix it. With a plain Raspbian I can do it myself :sunglasses:

Yeah ok, that might be a good reason if I would have that much experience. I think i will learn with openhabian and rebuild it someday when my knowledge has been improved :slight_smile: thank you very much.