OpenHabien first time setup

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 B
    • OS: openHABian latest
    • Java Runtime Environment: what ever openHABian comes with
    • openHAB version: see above
  • Issue of the topic:

This a really noob question…
I’m waiting for the PI to finish the openHABian first boot.

Should I have my controller plugged in at this point?

Also, the zwave devices I want to use (innovelli NZW39) were included in another controller (ISY944), but it’s current firmware won’t perform an exclude.
Am I going to be able to include them in my openHAB network?


It doesn’t really matter. You will want to plug it in at some point before you install the zwave binding.

You can reset the device using your new controller (little known fact that has saved my butt in the past). The easiest thing to do is to use Habmin. Put the controller into exclude mode, press the button on the device as if you were including it. Then you can enable inclusion mode on the controller and press the button on the device to include it on the new controller.

The secret is you don’t need to do the exclusion using the original controller. You can exclude a device using any controller.