OpenSprinkler - Update Interval


i try to integrate my OpenSprinkler Pi into OpenHab. There is a binding for that (documented at

I made it to connect eveything and i’m able to control my openSprinkler valves by HABPanel and BasicUI.


  • The Valves are offered as “Switch”
  • The binding itself communicates by http to OpenSprinkler
  • The refresh interval is 60 seconds by default
  • If i press a button to open a valve the switch directly jumps back to “off” (but the valve opens, as the open state was sent to openSprinkler)
  • the ON-State of the switch in HABPanel and BasicUI seems only to be shown after the next refresh happened.
  • This also happens the other direction (closing valve --> switch jump back to ON-state and comes back to OFF after the next refresh interval took place. This means the actual valve state would be in worst case shown after 59 seconds).


is there any hack or best practise to solve this?
i’m not sure if it is good relating network traffic and load at the openhab and opensprinkler raspberrys to lower the refresh interval of the openSprinkler binding to 10 seconds or so.

Best regards