Openweather map binding can't get the 5 days forecast to work

I have tried many time but i can’t get the 5 days forecast with the binding.
I removed it, reinstalled it, the default is 24h and 6 days, when i configure it, it works but it sets the forcast to 0 days.
Say i just have the day forecast.
When i try to adjust the days to 5 the binding goed offline and when i try to get it online again by disable it and reenable it, the days are back to 0
Any idea??

and i have a free plan on

The five-day forecast doesn’t work with free accounts. Here’s a workaround.

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Seems a little complicated.
Isn’t there any plugin that give 4-5 days free forecast out of the box?

What you want to find is a weather service that does what you want.

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