OpenWeatherMap account Thing stays OFFLINE

Nube, been away from OH too long. Looks like things have changed again (yahoo wx no more, dark sky, on the way out, wx underground. . .) So, is OWP the only show in town now? That’s fine, have API key for year-plus, but trying to set it up

Sorry for the nube question, but I’ve done searches here and google searches, no joy:

Configuring the binding, I added my API key, set language and left refresh at 60. But I cant find anything in the OpenWeatherMap Binding page instructions for setting Location for the account. Is it City, US? Or Lat/Long?


In the Weather and Forecast Thing configuration, there is a location setting. If you have a location set in the OH System properties, I believe it will be pulled in by the binding. In case you don’t want to setup 700+ Items and would like to get forecasts out of the data :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, Scott, thanks for the reply.

Sorry, but someone’s gotta hold my hand. I don’t see/know where to look for the Weather and Forecast Thing. When I go to Configuration > Things, I see OpenWeatherMap Account (OFFLINE); clicking that I get “OpenWeatherMap Account”. Click blue edit button, then I get back to the original page in question, waiting for Location to be entered.

Where to I find the Weather and Forecast Thing?
Then in your reply you link to your post about the Jython rule. Relevant to me? I’m still learning to crawl. . .

Thanks for your patience!

There is a location field for the Account bridge, but that is not what you want. But if your Account Thing is not coming online, then you will need to sort that first… probably the API key is incorrect. There should be logs, but you may need to enable debug logging for the binding. Once the Account is online, you can do a discovery for the binding and it will find the Weather and Forecast Thing.

Relevant to everyone who can follow instruction :wink:! Manual Jython installation instructions are here, but you can also use the beta Jython addon.

Status still shows OFFLINE in Configuration > Things. Went to OWP’s site, rechecked API key; copy and paste into Configuration Parameters again. Still OFFLINE.

Was able to use that key successfully in their One Call API, received current data for my lat/lon.

Any ideas? Should I uninstall/reinstall the Add-on and start over? Kinda like before. Spent hours on it, had to move on to more important projects

Deleting the Things and then uninstalling and reinstalling the binding wouldn’t hurt. There’s not much to the Account Thing… just API, refresh interval, and language. You mentioned you had the refresh interval to 60s, but you must have meant 60 minutes. Try setting it to the minimum of 10 minutes. I just deleted and readded my account Thing and it took a little while for it to go online… maybe the refresh interval.

What do see in your browser if you replace your_api_key with your api key?

I get the long page of results for lat=41.2&lon=-81.7

At the OWM site a couple hours ago, I generated an new API key to plug into OH. Status showed UNKNOWN for a few minutes before changing to OFFLINE

Deleted the OpenWeatherMap Account Thing
Uninstalled the OpenWeatherMap Bindings
Restarted OH
Installed OWM Binding
Added API key to OWM Account Configuration Parameters
Status: UNKNOWN (about 10 seconds, then:)

Just don’t see the problem/still going nuts

Thanks for your help, but about to go play with something easier

Come back in a while and see if it comes back online. Have you setup your Weather and Forecast Thing and linked it to the bridge?

To dig deeper, you’d need to enable debug logging for the binding by entering this in the Karaf console…

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.openweathermap

Sorry, still don’t know where to fine the Weather and Forecast Thing

Will work on enable debug logging

Sorry :slightly_smiling_face:! You will need to click the big blue button in Paper UI…

… to add a Thing, then select the OpenWeatherMap binding. It should be discovered automatically, but you can also add it manually.

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.openweathermap
into the Karaf console, then hit Enter. No further response

Found Weather and Forecast, had to add it manually


Well, after configuring Weather and Forecast, the OWM Account came ONLINE

Happy Days!

Nothing more is expected in Karaf. You will now need to look into your openhab.log.file to see what is happening with the binding. I keep a screen session that is tailing the openhab.log, and then I ssh in to view it. You can also use the log:tail command in the Karaf console.

While viewing the log, recreating the account Thing would be interesting info.

Cool! I guess it does not come online unless it is needed.

You can turn off the debug logging then…

log:set WARN org.openhab.binding.openweathermap

Great. Gonna need to file that away in the back of my mind. . .
Thanks so much for your patience and help. Sooooo much to learn. Now I have lotsa new stuff to play with (channels).

Thanks again

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Hi, similar happened to me, Account thing was always OFFLINE, but in my case Weather and Forecast showed automatically, then added and only at that time Account thing became ONLINE