Openweathermap binding hourly forecast

the binding is running fine since years but now I’m trying to get an hourly forcast (temperature only) for every single hour for the next 12hours. the free onecall API does support this and I can verify it by calling
I tried to create a onecall thing by things file, I also tried by GUI but have no clue whether to tell the GUI if the thing should be onecall or weather-and-forecast thing type as described in the binding description.

Thing d896d231:onecall:local "Local Weather And Forecast" [location="xxx,yyy", forecastHours=10, forecastDays=0]
Number:Temperature localHours01Temperature "Temperature [%.1f %unit%]" <temperature> { channel="d896d231:onecall:local:forecastHours01#temperature" }

does anybody know the trick? thanks!