OpenWeatherMap Binding & jumping stations for actual weather readings

I am using OH3 (latest M03) and use successfully the OpenWeatherMap Binding.
I noticed sometimes strange jumps in the current humidity API. After some analysis the jumps are caused by a change from Location A->B and B->A e.g:
Item ‘Localweatherandforecast_Name’ changed from Barienrode to Landkreis Hildesheim
Item ‘Localweatherandforecast_Luftfeuchtigkeit’ changed from 65 % to 35 %
Item ‘Localweatherandforecast_LetzteMessung’ changed from 2021-04-02T12:59:43.000+0200 to 2021-04-02T13:14:43.000+0200

As you can see the jumps are significant often 20-30% difference, which is causing rules based on this going crazy.
I do not change any query/location I wonder how I can prevent OpenWeatherMap API choosing a different weather station for my location. Any hints?
Thx a lot!

Just checked the log a bit further, even without the weather station name change, I see this strange jumps sometimes.
Any idea how I could prevent this - a kind of hysteresis possible for values?
OR is there any better weather API suggested?

No suggestion? Any hints?

I am experiencing the same problem in Munich.

Not sure if it is an openhab binding issue. Could also be an openweathermap thing. I will investigate it further.

Maybe it helps to move your location closer to one of the weather stations.