Openweathermap forecastHours not working after 12h (onecall)

Hello, I got a basic openweathermap setup and got some issue with the hourly forecast after 12h

My conf look like


Bridge openweathermap:weather-api:api "OpenWeatherMap Account" [apikey="taht'smysecret!", refreshInterval=10, language="fr"] 
Thing openweathermap:onecall:api:weather "Local Weather And Forecast" (openweathermap:weather-api:api) @ "Maison"  [location="50.732380, 4.224010"]


Number:Temperature      Weather_Forecast_Hours_12_Temperature            "12"      {channel="openweathermap:onecall:api:weather:forecastHours12#temperature"}
Number:Temperature      Weather_Forecast_Hours_13_Temperature            "13"      {channel="openweathermap:onecall:api:weather:forecastHours13#temperature"}

Everything is fine and everyone is happy… except this forecastHours13 will only return null è_é
In fact, any Hours above 12 does that, other one work fine.
At first I though it was some API limiation, but when I manually run!!

I get hourly data for days :confused:

Did I get something wrong?

Thanks a lot