Openweathermap have changed the forecast url - what can i do?

Hello Everybody,

i have a problem with a automatic generated URL’s from openhab2
The program generate the following url’s

The first url is ok but the second url generate the following error message
2018-01-19 23:23:21.181 [ERROR] [nal.provider.AbstractWeatherProvider] - OPENWEATHERMAP[home-OWM]: Can’t retreive weather data: Invalid API key. Please see for more info.

i found on openweathermap that the URL was changed for the free api Connection.
It must be:
Where can this URL be customized?

Regards Bernd

For safety reasons, I suggest you remove your lat and lon in the link you posted.

Thx changed it

Where is this automatically created URL coming from? I’m using the weather binding with data from OpenWeather and do see no problem.

Hi Bernd,

the URLs are correct. The binding currently retrieves data using the daily forecast API. This is in general only available for paid accounts. The URL you suggested belongs to the 3 hour forecast API. That one is for free. There is a feature request:

@opus do you use the forecast features? OWM granted more privileges to some older free API keys.