OpenWeatherMap Offline

I’m working through migrating to OH3 and cannot get OpenWeatherMap to come online. I’m using a new API key which I have verified using a browser. It works fine in my 2.5.12 production environment which uses files only.

I find some old threads that suggest using files instead of mainui. I am trying to avoid this path and go all-in on the mainui methods now.

Any other thoughts to jiggle it into action?

I’m using 3.1.0 release.

Do you see anything in the logs? Put the binding into debug logging and see if there is some useful information printed which might indicated the problem.

I just created the OWM Account Thing and pasted the same API key I was using in 2.5 and it worked. So without more information there’s not much to suggest beyond “it works for me.”

I jumped through the debug and trace hoops with no results. Pasted my old config into a .things file, worked fine.

Got to thinking, maybe the account won’t come online without a channel… spoiler… it doesn’t.

It comes right online as soon as you add a weather and forecast thing. Sorry for the noise!

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Can you raise a GitHub issue for that if none exists? IMHO it should come online if no channels are linked so best to make sure this gets looked at.

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I would have thought the same but I’m very new to OH3 and specifically the GUI way of doing things/items. I have been all textual since OH1. I didn’t want to be presumptuous regarding how it should work.

I’ll open an issue.


It is a good idea to not just open issues, until you check here on the forum which you did… We have a new user tutorial that guides how 3 different levels of bindings should work, when a binding behaves differently, it can cause frustration and wasted hours like you found. Perhaps there is a reason, which if that is the case it should be documented in the bindings docs here OpenWeatherMap - Bindings | openHAB

I found no mention of this, so it should be an issue and fixed, and if that is not possible it should be documented as a minimum. We value new users going over and finding areas of pain and making sure the docs have enough detail.

I suspect it has to do with the BRIDGE thing not knowing the location until further things are created so it does not send any API requests. However the binding could easily check if the website is reachable and make the bridge come on and offline based on that, or just blindly come online and when the further things are added it would then send the data and determine the status. If no one takes it on, I may look at it when I am not snowed under, if the second approach was taken it is probably only 1-2 lines of code to add to fix this.


Take care not to start using up user’s allowed API call count on data transfers that just get discarded.