OpenWeatherMap PaperUI minimum and maximum temperatures


and scroll all the way until you see the channels (see screenshot above)

Channels sections:
Weather Station
Current Weather
3 Hours Forecast
6 Hours Forecast
9 Hours Forecast
12 Hours Forecast
15 Hours Forecast
18 Hours Forecast
21 Hours Forecast
24 Hours Forecast
And there is not a min or max among them.

Then you need to upgrade to the latest owm snapshot binding.$org.openhab.binding.openweathermap/

I really do not want to install non-stable versions of bindings… We’ll have to wait, apparently.

Just a silly question:
Is this very new and where I can read about it ? Or is it for the rentable version only ?

Thx for reply, but it’s not the answer I expected. I’m on OH 2.5M1
I’m using the free Api-Key and didn’t find any daily summarizing values in it. So is this very, very new :wink:?
At the moment I’m using my own rule to calculate min/max/avg Temperatures and it taks up to 2 Minutes if calculation is done for all items (from …3 to …120). So if this could be done now easier, me and my RasPi would be happy.

You need to read all the way down to the bottom, there are 262 posts in that thread:

thx, again, but if you can see, I have some posts in it too.:wink:

This is min/max for today from snapshot #1549:

One last question: Is snapshot #1549 higher than OH2.5M1 ? So if it is, I will wait as @makon (Sorry for this Dummy-Question)
Thx in advance,

Yes, newer.

Sorry, but I have to ask one more question. Are you using paid/rented account or free one ? If you’re using the free one, can you give me your Things-SetUp ?
Mine looks like this:

Bridge openweathermap:weather-api:api "OpenWeatherMap Account" [apikey="Mein_Api-Key_1-32", refreshInterval=30, language="de"] {
     Thing weather-and-forecast local "Local Weather And Forecast" [location="xx.xxxxxx,y.yyyyyy,502", forecastHours=120, forecastDays=0]
     Thing uvindex local "Local UV Index" [location="xx.xxxxxx,y.yyyyyy", forecastDays=7]

Thx in advance

Sorry, I’m not using any manual things files … everything is set up via GUI.


Ok, what about a screenshot ?

Tomorrow :grinning:
Actually it is not needed because everything was autodiscovered.

:+1: thx

Here you go:

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There is no “forecastToday” if you have the free API key. I have the free version and I do not have those channels either. That is also being described in the documentation:
" Attention : The daily forecast is only available for paid accounts. The binding tries to request daily forecast data from the OpenWeatherMap API. If the request fails, all daily forecast channel groups will be removed from the thing and further request will be omitted.

:heart: thx for screenshot and your tip.