Openweathermap widget doesn't load in widget gallery


I wanted to load the openhab widget through the widget gallery in the habpanel, but it runs forever (hours). I don’t have problems to load other widgets that way.

Any hint?

Merry Christmas and kind regards


No idea or hint?


Did you check the logs for errors?

Couldn’t find anything. And I’m not sure that I can find anything, because the problem is before the installation. I can’t load the “description card”. I don’t have this problem with other widgets. Here is a short gif:

Same here OH 2.4

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Okay - I’m not the only one. So it should be my infrastructure. Any idea?

Fixed - thanks for reporting.
For the interested, this was due to the presence of a GitHub link that wasn’t a repository URL (it was an user profile). This didn’t go well with the code parsing the message to find repositories.
I edited the post to work around this bug, now the widget page shows up in HABPanel.

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Note that you won’t be able to download some widgets from the gallery in the HABPanel distributed with 2.4, because of a change in Discourse (this forum’s software).
This was fixed in september 2019, if you use an older version like 2.4, you’ll have to upgrade.

Looking good. Haven’t installed it yet, but tested to get the first page. I’ll report back if I could install it finally :slight_smile: