OpenWeatherMap widget for HABPanel

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(Scott Rushworth) #145

Do you have Simple Mode turned on? If so, you won’t see an Items menu under Configuration, or be able to edit or link your Items, as it is done for you. Turn it off and try again.

Although, if you’re using an Items file, this shouldn’t matter, just make sure the Channel info is set properly in the file, and that will take care of the linking.

(Homer Sim) #146

some have one, some have two items linked …

(Scott Rushworth) #147

Those extra Items were auto-created for you due to having Simple Mode turned on. You’ll now need to delete all of them. :slightly_frowning_face: There is a Karaf console command to remove all Items, which does not effect unmanaged Items, but you might be using some of the other auto-created ones.

(Ahnyerkeester) #148

Unless @5iver knows something I don’t (and that’s not too hard to do) that shouldn’t be a problem. If you look at my screenshot above, I have two on some of mine also.

Are you seeing weather data on the widget now?

(Scott Rushworth) #149

I was just suggesting to delete them. With Simple Mode turned on, it will create ~700 Items, which would not be used if the Items are recreated in an Items file. I should have said want instead of need. :wink:

(Ahnyerkeester) #150

No good junking up the system. Just seems like a lot of work to delete them and I’m lazy.

(Walt Jones) #151

I found my issue…I am an idiot…AND a PC user for the most part.

I downloaded the widget file and owm-controller java script files by using “Save Target As” in Windows. What this did was place the html header on top of the saved files. Instead of downloading them independently, I used the files inside the zip file. Things are mostly working now.

I do have a small issue with 2 and 3 day forecasts not showing. I am not sure and am researching this now.

Thanks for the help everyone! See screen shot below:

(Ahnyerkeester) #152

Good job working that out!

I had this problem and the fix is easy. Make sure that you’ve created a link for those days when you set up the Local Weather thing. See my discussion above with @Homer-Sim for some help.

(Homer Sim) #153

No, widget does not show something.
If I want to unlink/delete the entries with simple mode I am receiving an Error 405 Method not allowed?

Now I copied again ( I am using wget) the js file but again the error shown last time

Do I have to download and save json file additionally? This is what I did not due to binding installation
If so should it be placed in addons?

(Ahnyerkeester) #154

I think you have to turn off Simple mode. I had that 405 error too but I don’t remember how I fixed it. I think it was Simple mode.

(Homer Sim) #155

It is already off
or should I say it was already off

(Ahnyerkeester) #156

Oh, okay. Humm. Maybe restart OpenHAB?

(Homer Sim) #157

I am already did.
What I tried in addition:

  • deleted the thing weather information
  • readded it, iteams are again appearing automtically
  • only some are activated (these which are in the items file)
  • downloaded js and json file; deleted again.
  • always reloaded web page first and the restarted openhab container

still no error message in log to find. can I set somewhere lof level for this binding to debug?

(Ahnyerkeester) #158

I thought you probably did. I had that 404 error also and asked about it. Let me look through the message board and see if I can find what I was told.

(Andreas) #159

I do not get the right forecast for the next 4 days.
I had once 2 x Friday and 2x Sunday an none for Saturday, now i get 2x Saturday …

(Ahnyerkeester) #160

I’ll bet you have some forecasts linked to the same channel. Go back and take a look at them and make sure they are linked correctly.

(Andreas) #161

I think it`s because of the 12:00h (midday) forecast.
Now it is ok … later i will probably get 2x sunday or something else

(Andreas) #162

now it ist 7:28 PM local time and i get 2x sunday (sonntag)

(Andreas) #163

I deleted the todays forecast because i think displaying actual weather is enough.

Now it looks like this:


The “Day Format” in the widget config does not have any effect, so i changed it in the code and added time to be displayed so i know the forecast time.

( ) #164


great app. I’ve just a small issue. I@m missing just two icons in todays weather. I updated all files to the latest version but still the same Problem, I compared all known files but couldn@t find the fault…

Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks in advance