OpenWebNet binding openHAB2 - Gateway not connecting

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Good to hear this - thanks @massi, looking forward to the update! :smiley:


also this version lasts 1 month?

Yes, until it is formalized in OH.
Massimo is working to make it official, probably with the OH 2.5.0.M2 release

Ok thank

A stupid question. Is there a stable version that does not expire? I have to install it at my client’s home.

Thank you @massi - you’re a rockstar :sunglasses:

each version lasts 3m after release

not at the moment; I am evaluating several options…

Bticino Binding
binding-bticino1 - 1.13.0 this does not work anymore?

This is the old v1 binding. It is part of the official OH distribution and should have no expire. It has a completely different structure and approach from the v2 binding.

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I have the same problem… How can I solve this problem?

Ciao, ho anche io questo problema, sto usando l’ultima versione disponibile del binding… come hai risolto?
grazie molte

Guarda sopra, devi seguire il main thread per aggiornamenti. Comunque il problema si risolve con l’installazione dell’ultimo rilascio di mvalla, ti suggerisco di installarlo sempre via Eclipse market place

@Andrew_082 grazie mille
Ho risolto reinstallando il binding…
Mi chiedevo se è possibile interfacciarmi anche con l’allarme bticino BTI 4201 @massi
Grazie molte

I have the same problem but reinstall doesn’t fix the problem
Yesterday I’ve deleted all the items and things from paperUi because I’ve written things and items file already tested: when I’ve finished the gateway was OFFLINE and the log says

[ERROR] [org.openwebnet.AbstractOpenGateway  ] - ERROR IN Java $MODULE$: connection cannot be established

I had the last version installed 2 weeks ago (

Hello, Same problem. After restarting Openhab the gateway no longer works. I’m using the latest version of the binding (

[ERROR] [org.openwebnet.AbstractOpenGateway  ] - ERROR IN Java $MODULE$: connection cannot be established

Some idea?

The binding has expired massimo they are updating it

I’m using the latest version of the binding:


Should we wait for a new version?

hello to all I had to reintallise from scratch all on the small raspberry… and after i’ve uploaded it all my gateway doesn’t work… do you have any advice to suggest to me?

It’s expired, we are waiting for the new release