[openWebNet/BTicino] openHAB3

thanks Massi. can you tell me where to write on github? I searched but couldn’t find where to add the request. Can you post me the correct link?
Meanwhile, on OH2.5 I don’t understand why it’s been two weeks since the cloud sometimes sees my account offline (yet the seecret and UUID are correct). And today he is making strange gestures to me telling me that the map is not loaded or that it is not there, but if I enter the cloud from the web then I will find it. Do you know if there are ongoing problems on the iOS App?

I alreaedy did in my previous post above:

I have read on the community there have been some instability problems with the OH cloud. You can find some info for example in this thread.

Regarding the map: I cannot help as I do not use the iOS App.

Also let’s keep the discussion here about the openwebnet binding: for other issues use other threads in the community.

I know that the auto function in thermo regulation doesn’t work but I have a problem also in normal mode.
If I set the item setpointTemperature the zone doesn’t start. Why?
With OH 2.5 it runs well.
P.S. I have a 99 zone central


it’s necessary to have some logs using DEBUG level, from when you change the setpointTemperature

Hi Massimo,
here the log. But it seems nothing happens

this is the item configuration


What is your thing configuration of the thermo zone?
Did you explicitly set the standAlone parameter to false (it defaults to true)? If you have a central unit, you need to set it to false.

like so:

Thing bus_thermo_zone LivingRoom_Thermostat “Living Room Thermostat” [where=“3”, standAlone=false]

at the end I added the feature request on github:

Thank you very much! I didn’t know where to start :slight_smile:

For testing I’m always available, I’m still officially using version 2.5, but I already have a raspberry 4 running with the new release.

Have a good evening!

Thanks for the response.
I didn’t know needed set a parameter.
After set the parameter the problem remain yet.

The log show only this string:

@ins90 can you post here your Thing configuration?
(either from text file or -if you use only the UI- the thing configuration page in the UI)

Thanks Massi,
here is the configuration:

@Ins90 can you change in the Configuration of yout thermo zone 1 Thing the OpenWebNet Address (where) parameter:
1#1 to → 1
this is the issue causing setpointTemperature not to work.
(There is an error in the Thing discovery, setting this parameter to a wrong valure. An issue has been opened to address this).

Not a negative post about an issue or something but something positive you guys might like that can be done with this great binding and because Thermo functions are in focus at the moment.

Grafana heat maps are a nice way to show at a glance a lot of data
Below are my heating actuator states and the corresponding heat map for each of the thermo zones. The heat map shows how far from the target temperature each zone is. As you can see by the blue shaded zones the corresponding heating actuator is ON (black bar). The target temperature is the combined program/scenario temperature and the local offset. ie the target changes depending on the time of day.

To generate this type of chart you need a rule to convert the actuator string type to a number or switch type. I was thinking it might be an enhancement for the binding to have a channel that was the delta between the target and the measured temperature… Good idea?

Thanks massi, now everything works well! Finally :slight_smile: