[openWebNet/BTicino] openHAB4

Ok you should:

  • set log level to DEBUG (see here how)
  • send me the log from the time before the control unit setpoint changes until the time the value in the graph is correct again

Made first test few minutes ago, seem to have the following behaviour:

  • Light Group works correctly on all the lights in the area, if switched ON/OFF all the lights are turned ON/OFF
  • Light Group inherit correctly single light actions:
    • All the lights are OFF
    • Light Group 3 is OFF
    • I turn ON or OFF Light 32
    • Light Group 3 and Light Group 0 (General) are updated correctly
  • Light Group does not update single light status correctly:
    • Light 32 is ON
    • Light Group 3 and Light Group 0 (General) are ON
    • I switch OFF Light Group 3
    • Light 32 is turned OFF but OH Light 32 status is still ON as well as Light Group 0 OH status that is ON

@massi: let me know if you need any logs or item/thing config

How did you switch off Light Group 3 ? Via a physical button configured for Area=3 ?
Are you sure you have used beta2 version?
If yes, you should send me (via Private Message if you prefer) both item/thing configuration and also DEBUG-level logs to see what happens is this case in particular.
Also is better to talk about Area and not Group (group like Group #22 is in fact another different possibile BUS configuration…)

All tests were performed using only the OH interface and not the physical button.
I still have some problems with installing the Beta version from the marketplace but the file I copied manually is the following “org.openhab.binding.openwebnet-4.1.0.beta2.jar”.

I will send you the log and configuration/thing file via PM shortly.