[OpenWebNet] Thermoregulation support in openHAB3 ready for testing

indeed, when thinking about your suggestion it makes more sense to make a slave-channel. as i understand bticino system this kind of slaves are only used in big rooms with more than one temp-sensor to be able to calculate an average-temperature for the whole room. don´t know how this can be managed, maybe someone has more than one slave, will this be also possible?

perhaps ist already too long that i use the name bus_thermostat so i wouldnt mind. but of course, a thermostat is a device with some kind of control. i know bticino has other sensors what allow some kind of small control (i think it was plu/minus three degrees that where possible to regulate direct on the sensor) - for this devices the name would fit. other idea could be to call it just bus_temperature_sensor - no matter if it has a possibillity to regulate, main mission of the device is to deliver the actual temperature. the term bus_thermo_zone sounds for me more like an area. for example my living room is a zone that has two temperature_sensors and four heating_actors.

we are going in the direction of renaming bus_thermostat to bus_thermo_zone and leave the zone sensors as separate things (renamed bus_thermo_sensor): this makes configuration more flexible and general and adaptable to the 3 cases: standalone, central-99 and central-4.
The two things (bus_thermo_zone and bus_thermo_sensor) must be distinguished becuase they have different channels.
In your case for the living room you will have to configure 1 bus_thermo_zone thing with channels for the main temperature and the actuators, and 1 bus_thermo_sensor for the additional sensor. Basically like before, but with new names.

Hello here. I just changed binding from official to alpha from here on SCS with Myhome_UP and HomeServer1.

It is working and discovering my KG4441 and I can get all informations. Now I do some test because i’m also starting heat pump for cooling down home.

so this KG4441 is a new Living Now thermostat, but it is seen from the SCS BUS and from openwebnet?
Is it connected directly to the BUS or is it connected through the MyHOMEServer1 ?

Hi there. I just put the wrong code KG4441 is the one that is not connected to the bus, it’s used in car box just for emergency.
The ones that are connected to the bus are KG4691.

ok, added them to the list of tested thermostats.

Thermo has been merged on the official OH 3.1 binding version.
Compared to the old testing version, Thermo things and channels have been renamed:

  • bus_thermostatbus_thermo_zone
  • bus_temp_sensorbus_thermo_sensor

Refer to the official binding README for details on the new Thermo channels names.

For those who have 4-zone or 99-zone Central Units, try it and tell us what you are missing.

Hello everybody.
I have a 99 zone control unit (BTI-3550) with 10 thermostats (HS4692) and as Gateway MH201.
with OH 2.5 it recognized all functions; with OH 3.1 it perfectly recognizes only the temperature in the room (temperature) and the set temperature (setpointTemperature). but I’m only working on it in the evening and I hope to discover other functions. thank you all.

I have 3.1.0~S2426-1 installed but it does not recognize bus_thermo_zone. I still need bus_tehrmostat.
If I change the things lines it simply ignores the zones.
EDIT: Resolved. I had to define the new channel link in administration page after changing the things file.

Invalid Link

Term. giorno
openwebnet:bus_thermo_zone:mhs1:Thermgiorno:temperature (Number:Temperature)

As said previously initial Thermo support has been merged in OH 3.1 official.
So if you want to help and test with your 4-zone system, be sure to use the official OH 3.1 with the official binding (or 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT is also good for testing)

TY, the 3.2.0 snapshot is ok for my working configuration. Now I’m going to starting to test the 4-zone device, but I cannot configure it. It seems to be broken after being detached from bus. I must read if there is some kind of reset.

Hello everybody,
first of all let me thank you for your great work!
I’m starting testing the version with 14 sensors, a 99-zones control unit (3550) and a MH202 gateway. Also in my case, all the temperature and the setpointTemperature values are correctly managed. Just as a note, I noticed that if I set the system to OFF, the setpointTemperature values point to the last manual values set for the sensors or for the overall system. Is this the intended behavior? Maybe when the system is set to OFF the setpointTemperature values could be set to a different value such as NULL/OFF/N.A., just to remind the there isn’t any target.
Thank you all!

What is the status of this support? I have MH202 and Screen10 plus 99 zone 3550. I also have a remote external wireless BUS temperature probe 3455. This used to work in OH2 but not so far in OH3. My OH3 install is a year old and using the offical binding. I am now ctaching up and plan to work on this now the nights are darker :slight_smile:


Since OH3.1 the 99-zone central unit is partially supported (there are some issues that maybe you can help to debug). External sensor is definitely supported.
If you want to help debugging I suggest you install the latest snapshot version, or the latest milestone version if you want a more stable release.

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This is missing from the instructions

feature:install openhab-core-io-transport-upnp

Without that in the karaf console the binding shows as installed but does not run.
bundle:list -s

Also for openhabian users use the config menu … to update from OH 3.0 to 3.1 I used :
sudo openhabian-config and menu item 1 (main)

Update on my install with 3.1.0 ALPHA 1 >>>
All temperature data is there including external probe 3455 :slight_smile:

2021-11-01 14:00:17.862 [INFO ] [unication.BUSConnector.message.event] - BUS-MON <<<<<<<< *#4*500*15*1*0131*0001##

2021-11-01 14:00:17.864 [DEBUG] [bnet.handler.OpenWebNetBridgeHandler] - ownIdFromMessage(<*#4*500*15*1*0131*0001##>) --> 4.500

OH3.2 M3
Is this the expected behaviour? Frequently seeing this in the logs:


Do you have discovery by activation set to true on the openwebnet bridge configuration? If yes i think this is normal behavior

I am using this jar org.openhab.binding.openwebnet-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT_cen_v3

For the Thermo valves they seem to need to be set as switch type and not string as stated in the docs

Is that correct?

Hi all, I recently switched to openHAB 3.2.0.M4 from 2.5 but I have some issue with Thermo WHO.

I have a 4/99 Zone central Unit and 4 local thermostates. In OH 2.5 I was using local thermo zone and everything was working fine: e.g. setting a target temp on a zone in sitemap was triggering manual mode and heating was turned on.

In OH 3 the 4 thermo zone detect current temp and previosly set target temp correctly but, I’m unable to turn on heating. Also setting mode to Manual won’t force heating to start.

Tried to set Stand-alone to true or false in the thermo zone thing but nothing changed. Autodisovery is not finding any Thermo Central Unit.

Any suggestion?