Opinions for full blown automation solution

Hi, I’m relatively new in openhab. I have my basic setup up and running. I have zigbee binding and dozen of things installed with lights and motion detectors. I was able to create my fist rule to turn on lights for certain perioid of time when detecting movement.

Now I would like to ask advice from experts how to achieve my ultimate goal, what is best way to achieve each part of the goal etc.

Let me explain my goal for:

  • Ligth color temperature follows natural time of the day. When ever ligth is turned on, it gets correct color temperature

  • Ligth level follows natural time of the day. When ever ligth is turned on, it gets correct ligth level

  • During dayligth ligths are turned on based on motion sensors and brigthness

  • During nigth some collection of ligths are turned on based on movement

  • Ultimate goal is fully automated ligths, no need to touch ligth switches anymore

  • Another goal is to get temperature and humidity values into graphs.

  • Motion information from sensors need to raise alarms during predefined time slots.

  • Flood detectors need to alarm when detecting flood and turn off remote controlled sockets.

I’m really appreciate any comments which get me rigth direction rigth from the beginning.

For each question dozens of post already exist, use the search function!
Totally automated lights? No, you do need a switch, because you can not think of every possible need.
Light level following the natural light level? Dark at night? :rofl:


My question was more like “How would you solve problems like this?” rather than asking detailed answer for each problem.

The goal for ligths to follow natural ligth level is not to follow absolute ligth level but predefined curve based on natural ligth level.

No, your question was a series of questions, each with a particular problem to solve.
Search the forum for each of your questions. These have all been dealt with in the past.

We are not here to write code for you. You need to help yourself first. Once you come up with some code, if it doesn’t work, we’ll help you make it work.

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Scheduled rules using cron. Send commands to lights.

Rules triggered on items that detect motion and lux. Send commands to lights.

Easy to do in Basic UI and HABpanel. Read up on persistence.

Rules triggered on items that detect motion. Logic in rules using date/time methods. Send commands to items that generate alarms, or render in a UI.

Rules triggered on items that detect water. Send commands to items you want to turn off.


You will solve all these problems with a little work once you get code working it slowly moves from there

My. Lights are fully automated and have no need for light switches there are motion sensors all around my house with temperature sensors too that report too a graph

Temperature turns things like fans and electric blanket on

Good luck


Thanks for positive replys.

Today I was working with charts and was able to get first temperature values to grafana via influxdb.

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The right direction fo rme would be, pick one problem (the easiest) and solve it. then pick the next.

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I still haven’t got grafana working I’m just using standard charts with influxdb

Currently I’m trying too get custom icons working but no luck and no response on my post :frowning:

Thats still how I deal with slight upgrades I have a huge todo list I’m sure many users do to lol

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Currently I’m trying too get custom icons working but no luck and no response on my post

There are at least 10 to 15 post everyday that ask for attention.

I too have a few posts without answers;
Most of the time it’s because I was not able to have a clear question.

in other cases, it’s probably because no one knows the answer…

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I have created most of them :smiley: haha seriously tho yes theres alot of people needing help and many members willing too help me including it just takes alot of time too learn and im not as expericenced as some of the main posters so i just help where i can

Someone knows how too create icons in a svg format