Opportunities for Roller Shutters

Yes, the ccu has its own UI.
If you want to use a RPi, you can also use the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB instead of the CCU. Then you dont have the seperate UI, but its cheaper and i think with openhabbian its also easy to use.


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That seems very good for all RPi Users… I am thinking about a RPi… at the moment I am using a Synology DS216play.
Do I need to install something when I use the HM-MOD-RPI-PCB or do I only need to connect it to my RPI?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Both systems (Zwave and Homematic) have devices which are power connected (like rollershutters) and others that are just battery operated (like a window contact). In a Zwave network, power connected devices are able to route signals, which is kind of nice.

And yes. The CCU has it’s own webinterface to bind / peer devices, configure them, do firmware updates. You can even create programs (rules) there, but this will “lock” you into the homematic world which is the opposite of the openhab approach to let everything talk to each other totally vendor independent.

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When using the openhabbian image, after initial install of openhabbian just install homegear via openhabbian-config. Works like a charm.

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I’ll try that when I got a Raspberry Pi…
When I have some more questions, I going to ask you!

How can I control the time how long it takes to close my rollershutters without the HomeMatic UI?

Reference Running Time Bottom Top
Reference Running Time Top Bottom

Ok that sounds really simple!
Thanks a lot @Nawygator :slight_smile: