Optimum hardware in light of Z-Wave / Pi ongoing bug?

I am new to OH, and just about to install it for the first time on my windows machine. I am eager to get a linux distro up and running (brings back good nostalgic memories for me). In looking at choices, I see that the Z-Wave message duplication issue still persists:

So if you’re using Z-Wave, and running OpenHab, why would you want to even risk the potential instability and headaches associated with this setup? I’m curious because maybe it only affects a small percentage of the population, or maybe Pi’s are just that awesome, or something else.

That being said, would love some feedback from Beaglebone / odroid users, particularly if using the Aeon Gen5 z-wave USB z-stick. My priority is stability.

Personally using a Pi 2 and Aeon z-stick to run my 30+ zwave setup. I have never seen this problem.

Personally, I’d agree. I know a lot of people are using RPi, and many don’t seem to have the problem (or if they do have the issue, it doesn’t cause obvious problems). I’m not sure if I’ve seen the problem with the RPi2, and if it does occur it may not cause noticeable issues as it’s a lot faster than the original RPi.

I tried running the zwave binding on a Beaglebone, but couldn’t get it to work - I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to work out why and ended up using an ODroid XU3 Lite which is relatively pricy, but powerful.


I am still having problems with my RPI1 and Aeon Stick.
I may buy an RPI2 if it is sure nobody has the bug.
Is it sure?

I’ll find something to do for the RPI1.

The other option I am evaluating is putting on RP1 zibase mini (done) and openhab without zwave binding but zibase one…

Currently my zibase mini is running and I am trying to configure devices.

Thanks for the replies. I have put linux on a desktop and will work on setting up OH there, and once I have it working sufficiently, will port it over to a Pi model 2 to determine if it’s stable enough there. Thanks all!


Personally I have been using a Cubieboard 2 for over a year now. I got myself a zwave dongle and some hardware a couple of month ago and I never had a problem in terms of hardware. Configuration might be a tad tricky, but fortunately habmin (thank you Chris Jackson) helps you with that.


CUrrently runnning happily on RasPI2 of together with EmonPI

Nicola, what do you mean “Solved” ? Do you mean that you are running with no issues, or that you had the bug in question and fixed it somehow?

sorry I meant that using a raspberry pi 2 i am not experiencing (hold thumbs) the problem until now