Orange Pi Running Raspbian

Trying to install OpenHab2 on a Orange Pi running Raspbian. I’ve managed to install the package via apt-get but when I try to start it i get this:

root@RR-ORANGE:~# sudo /etc/init.d/openhab2 start
[ ok ] Starting openHAB2 server: openhab2.
root@RR-ORANGE:~# sudo /etc/init.d/openhab2 status
/var/lib/openhab2/tmp/port shutdown port file doesn't exist. The container is not running.

I’m suspecting some sort of permissions problem since I can start it running the start script. I’m just not sure how to start debugging this.

Any thoughts welcome.

Try using the systemctl commands to start and get status. In particular, the status will give you more information.

Unfortunately it’s running Wheezy - pre systemctl support

Maybe others will have more luck than me but I tossed my Orange Pi and rebuilt the system on a genuine Raspberry Pi. No issues with that.

So you might put latest Armbian on your OPi. Those folks did a great job fixing all the Orange Pi issues. Use the 4X tree. I setup their build environment in a virtual, and compile their full builds of the OS then flash image on my SD, then use their armbian-config to push on eMMC. Now have very stable solution. Hope that helps. my OPi is a 2 plus. The also have large number of other pi like builds for those looking for stable OS to work with.

Thanks for your input. I did look at Armbian and seriously considered using it but I don’t have the time available to commit to that. My SD card died on my RPi so OpenHab was no more. I had backups of the OpenHab files so I just wanted to drop them on a new build quickly. I threw if all back together on an RPi 3 just for expediency. I may take a look at that option later though since you appear to have had a good experience with it.