Order of dashboards in Habpanel Drawer

Is it possible to sort the different dashboards in the HABpanel drawer once created? It seems mine just picked a random order to appear in, but I’d like to select a specific one (since some of my dashboards follow the physical location in my house, i.e. second floor, first floor, basement, etc…)

On the “home” tab, top right corner, click edit
Rearrange the order on the panel

Good luck

Thanks! But, I meant for the actual side “drawer” menu which you drag onto the screen from the left side. I rearranged all my dashboard buttons in columns and rows on the homepage, but their order seems to be random and locked in the side menu.

Strange, it worked for me

The order of the drawer items is based on their actuall tile placement. In this order : First the first row tiles are the first drawer tiles. Then followes the second line tiles etc. ordered from left to right…


:point_up_2: this is exactly right!