Order of items random after OH 2.1 upgrade


The order of my items in Basic UI and Android App is now random (did not figure out the logic). Before they had the order as I entered them in the items file. Is this a config change or a bug? What can I do to get the old order back?


I assume that you are putting your Items on your sitemap using the Group element.

I do not think any promise has ever been made about how the sitemap lays out the Items on the sitemap when using Groups. If there is a change that has occurred, I suspect it is related to recent changes to how Groups work.

You can file an issue at the Eclipse SmartHome project, but personally, since the order was never guaranteed in the first place I’m not sure I’d call it a bug.

To add to that, if you want to control the layout of your UI you should add each individual Item on your sitemap, ans use { } framing instead of groups.

How do I define sub-levels on my sitemap?

Right now I have:

Frame label="Räume" {
      Group label="Wohnzimmer"		icon="sofa"		item=EG_WZ
      Group label="Küche"			icon="kitchen"	item=EG_Kueche

So I have a button named “Wohnzimmer” which switches do a sub-level showing all elements in the group EG_WZ.
These elements are in random order, so I’d like to sort them manually via sitemap.

In fakecode it could somewhat like that

Frame label="Räume" {
      Group label="Wohnzimmer"		icon="sofa"
             Switch1 item=lamp1
             Switch2 item=lamp2

So if you hit “Wohnzimmer” it also opens up the sub-level-page and then shows all my items in the order provided above.

Ist that possibile? Can I define hierarichal structures in my sitemap just as it does automatically when you use groups? And if so, how is the syntax?

Tanks in advance.

Using groups is the wrong approach for that. Use the {} framing just as @rossko57 said.

Also you should read the documentation:

Thank you. That is what I was looking for. Works as intended. :smiley: