Order of sun phases in astro binding

I’m using the astro binding and I’m looking at the sun phase, as:

String	Astro_Sun_Phase	"Fase solare [%s]"	<sun>	(gAstro)	{ channel="astro:sun:home:phase#name" }

I saw that this is reporting some “UNDEF” values in between some phases; for instance there is this sequence:
SUNSET -> UNDEF (lasts about 2min) -> CIVIL_DUSK
NIGHT -> UNDEF (always at midnight and it lasts about 5.5h) - ASTRO_DAWN
SUNRISE -> UNDEF (lasts about 2min) -> DAYLIGHT

is that expected?

Thank you for your support!

A year on I am also seeing this. Is there any fix?

(I have a work around that updates a second item only when not UNDEF but this is unnecessary additional overhead).

Same issue here OH2.4 and don’t where to fix it.

Looks like this issue is already fixed: