OREGON2 not decoded by RFXcom

I have installed 2.5.0M1. I’ve added RFXtrx433. I’ve enabled debug with “log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.rfxcom”. From the log file, I can see that communication between openHAB and RFXcom works. I have enabled “Oregon Scientific Messages” in PaperUI.

However, I do not see any received messages from my sensors unless I enable “Undecoded messages”. When I enable this, I can the the messages with sub type OREGON2 being received (with “Packet type = UNDECODED_RF_MESSAGE”).

Is OREGON2 not supported? From the documentation I got the impression that OREGON[123] are supported.

I hesitated to do this, because my RFXtrx433 worked fine with FHEM, but eventually I upgraded the firmware. This fixed this openHAB issue.