[org.openhab.binding.denonmarantz] or [org.openhab.binding.denon] turn on "All zone stereo" mode

Hi all!

I didn’t find if it’s possible, and how, to turn on the “all zone stereo” mode in Denon AVRs (in the AVR-2400H it’s under “option” on the remote -> all zone stereo -> start ).
I mean, using a single switch in OH, or even also some batch command.

Btw, what this mode does is swtiching any source to stereo and playing that on every speaker connected, even zone2, ecc, which is very very useful because it can, somehow, bypass the need of an expensive heos speaker.

I hope someone can help, and thanks in advance for the attention.
Best regards!


openHab 2.5 on Windows 10
Denon AVR-2400h

reseraching the Denon protocols i found:

ZST ON “All Zone Stereo” direct Control MNZST ON<CR>
ZST OFF “All Zone Stereo” direct Control MNZST OFF<CR>

Protocol PDF

So i guess it can be implemented in the binding!

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Hi Sladaar,

you’re on the right way. There is a channel #command(string) for each deanon or marantz device available. You can send commands to the channel.

In your case if you send the command “MNZST ON” to the channel, this sould enable the all zone stereo mode. I’m not sure if you can also read the status from the device. But you can try by sending the command “MNZST?” and wait for the response, this should show if the mode is on or off.

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Wow! I did read the whole binding document but i missed that custom command part!!
It works!

I simply created the String item with the custom command as in description and the selection item in sitemap:

Selection item=Denon_customcommand mappings=["MNZST ON"="AllStereo ON","MNZST OFF"="AllStereo OFF"]

Thanks bro!!