missing in action?

Did I miss something, but I can not find back in any of the repos? Where should it be?

For OH2: \runtime\karaf\system\org\openhab\core

Ok, but I meant in the source code bundles

I have the same question: what do I need to set in addons.cfg or wherever to get openhab-transport-serial started at OH startup ?

The serial transport will automatically be added assuming it’s a dependancy of the package you’re installing. So, for example if you install Z-Wave or the serial binding, then the serial driver will automatically be resolved.

yes, but that isn’t the case if I’m using your refactored zwave addon jar, that’s why I was looking for a method to autoload it

Then you can use the command -:

feature:install openhab-transport-serial 
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I know, and I do, but that’s what I wanted to happen automatically.
Still having a major problem on OH (re)start, keeps hanging (will open another thread for it)
For now, it does not work unless I delete Karaf cache and do feature:install openhab-transport-serial and copy the jar afterwards every time.

Sorry - maybe someone else can help. I think for most people the feature install is working ok here :frowning: .

I have not experienced this, but I have seen similar posted by others and sounds like a bug somewhere. Are you on a recent snapshot build? I installed the serial binding through PaperUI and also have this in addons.cfg, along with other bindings that I trimmed out for the example:

binding = serial1

I had exactly the same problem; each update of openhab through the package manager required me to go into the console and do feature:install openhab-transport-serial

Installing the serial binding, and doing nothing else, fixed it. I’m assuming that openhab-transport-serial is a dependency of the serial binding.

Yes - it should be a dependency of any binding that uses the serial ports. If you’re installing a binding that requires the serial port, and it doesn’t install the serial driver, then please raise an issue so that this can be resolved.

Wouldn’t this behavior be expected from a manual install of the binding? If so, you may want to qualify your statement. :slightly_smiling_face:

Installing Z-Wave or Zigbee through a UI will resolve the serial transport dependency. This does not happen when installing through Karaf or dropping a new jar into addons. I have manual installs of both and need to reinstall the serial transport every time I upgrade OH.

Yes, you’re right. I had assumed that if people are manually installing bindings, then they should know that they have to manually install any dependancy, and this should be understood (ie, it’s not a “problem” - it’s just what you have to do if you’re manually installing stuff) :wink: .

Really? I’m a bit surprised - if you install a feature, then I would think it should resolve dependancies in the same way as if it’s installed through the UI as it’s doing the same thing. It’s true that if you install individual JAR files, then you need to sort this out yourself though.

I misspoke… installing the binding through Karaf is the same as through a UI and the serial transport gets installed. But specifically installing the serial transport through Karaf does not persist after an upgrade.

That is correct, updated installation is bootstraped according to addons.cfg.