Org.smarthomej.binding.tuya config issues

Hi all,

I am playing around with the mentioned addon org.smarthomej.binding.tuya
At the moment all is configured via the UI of OH 3.3, but I am wondering if this is as well possible via file configuration. I have googled and tried, but I have no clue how to build the thing and items file.

Has anybody here done it this way and could help me?


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Looking for the same thing, couldn’t find anything either. Should be possible according to the docu, but still trying and struggling. Would be nice if someone could steer us in the right direction.



Found a solution for the project Thing as a file:

Thing tuya:project:tuyajava "My one and only TuyaCloud Project" [
   accessId     =  "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",                  /* Required Access ID/Client ID of the Cloud project           */
   schema       =  "smartLife",
   password     =  "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",                       /* Required Password in Tuya Smart/Smart Life app              */
   dataCenter   =  "",
   countryCode  =  "31",
   accessSecret =  "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",      /* Required Access Secret/Client Secret of the Cloud project   */
   username     =  "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"              /* Required Username in Tuya Smart/Smart Life app              */

Replace the xxx’s with the (correct) details and as soon as you save the file, it should become Online and then you can use it for discovery of your appliances.

Sill working on the tuyaDevice Thing, but that one has to wait a bit as our dog wants a walk.