Original App v Openhab in charge

Hi all,

I’ve been moving everything ‘smart’ across to OH over the past year or so as the opportunity arises and I’ve just got round to my Hue dimmer switches, which are possibly the last thing to add in, (of the existing set up anyway)…

To set up the lights and switches etc I have to add them to my setup in the hue app. Now the only option I have for the dimmer switches is to set a function for each press, I can’t tell it to ‘do nothing’ knowing that my OH rules will take over.

So, it’s got me thinking, is it safe to now delete the dimmers, lights etc from the hue app and just let OH do the work or would doing that mean the hue bridge loses its connections and so will OH?

It got me thinking about the other apps / items I have that have their own apps, my led strip lighting, (not hue), nest thermostat, Kasa plugs…

Part of the reason for moving to OH was to remove the need for external apps but do I still need them in their base integration or can I delete them all?

What do you guys do???

It might depend on whether OH connects to a device locally or over the Internet. I suspect that the Kasas would continue to work since OH controls them locally and you can deny them Internet access, but I don’t know about the others. It’s also possible that removing the Kasas from the app will disconnect them from your WiFi.

The main reason I keep the Kasa app is to get firmware updates. Arguably that’s not a concern if you block them from Internet, but I haven’t gone that route. So, I’d like them to have the latest firmware.

I guess you could always experiment by removing devices and then seeing what happens, but I’m inclined toward the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset.

Don’t delete the buttons from the Hue app - you would lose the connection between Hue Bridge and buttons.
In the Hue app you have the option to say that you will configure the buttons with a different app - open the Hue app, go to Settings -> AccessorY Configuration (or something like that - my app is in German) -> your button and scroll downwards. There you have ‘Reset’ & ‘Delete’ and over that you have ‘Configure in a different App’ - that’s what you are looking for.

You might have to reset the button first to avoid that you trigger both whatever you have that in the Hue app and openHAB :thinking:

Thanks guys, I feared it wouldn’t be as easy as the same for each app, I’ll have to do it one by one and see what effects what.

I’ll look into the hue app for the other controls :+1: