There is low price ir blaster. ORVIBO WIWO IR .

I found open source driver in js.

We can implementation in openhab.

Is it possibile?

review of product:

I just bought one for 27$ on aliexpress. Hope someone tackles that binding!!!

info: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2015/04/review-gearbest-orvibo-smart-remote/

and nacho implmetetion binding


Is it possible to control ORVIBO Allone from openhab,
I need some working IR Blaster.


Any news on this project?

No one working on this?

no news on this? it would be great to have Orvibo Wiwo r1 binding on openhab! anyone knows why most of the IR Blasters are neglected on almost all smart home hubs and OS’s ?


Orvibo WIWO R1 (http://blog.orvibo.com/enblog/?p=203 check it at CES’16)
Geeklink thinker / remotebox (http://www.geeklink.com.cn/english/yk.html)
Broadlink rm-pro (http://www.broadlink.com.cn/home/product.php?mod=RMPro#pro-intro1)
Logitech harmony (not real a good alternative because it does not support A/C Aircon frequency/broadband related?)

Was hoping for better news as well. Searching for Geeklink RemoteBox 3s didn’t give much results.

The reason why these would be awesome, is the far lower price than things like Phillips Hue lights. Make no mistake, those are awesome, but Geeklink with bulbs would be far better priced, not to mention it can do more from what I am reading.

@danielwalters86 is working on it