OSGI Console: Openhab script call


seems I am unable to understand the syntax of the OSGI console.
I want to test my Squeezebox Boom. My identifier in the openhab.cfg is mySqueeze

osgi> openhab > squeezeboxPause(“mySqueeze”)
is not accepted as an valid argument. What I am doing wrong?

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squeezeboxPause is not a script but an action. Unfortunately I don’t know if (or even how) it’s possible to pass an action command from the osgi console.

There should be some recognition of the action command. For instance, if I write

openhab > squeezeboxPause

it responds with

___ squeezeboxPause
Invalid number of arguments. Expected (String); line 1, column 0, length 15

If I write

openhab > squeezeboxPause(squeezeID)

where squeezeID is a String item it responds

squeezeboxPause( ___ squeezeID)
Incompatible types. Expected java.lang.String but was org.openhab.core.library.items.StringItem; line 1, column 16, length 9

If I just write

osgi> openhab > squeezeboxPause(“mySqueeze”)

squeezeboxPause( ___ anitasqueeze)
Couldn’t resolve reference to JvmIdentifiableElement ‘anitasqueeze’.; line 1, column 16, length 12

So what is the right representation of a string here?

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I have a similar issue. However an answer to you: You cannot execute actions trough osgi, only scripts. But howto execute scripts, thats unclear to me, see: Controlling openhab from commandline