OSRAM Lightify Openhab2 Binding

Hey guys,

Just as a heads-up, I’m close to finishing a OH2 binding for OSRAM Lightify, not falling back to the JS or Python libs but completely with the native gatewa protocol reimplemented in Java. Light bulbs are already working, working on groups right now but unfortunately missing other zigbee items to implement other devices.

I’ll create a PR when groups are done :slight_smile:



Just created the pull request as I didn’t have time the last days. Feel free to suggest ideas, questions or provide help in case you own a Lightify gateway. I guess there’s about 50-60% of the binary protocol implemented. Still some values I try to figure out (especially there seems to be a lot of protocol message IDs missing).

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I started to write down what I figured out about the binary protocol so far: https://github.com/noctarius/lightify-binary-protocol

Every help / knowledge / typo correction is appreciated :slight_smile:

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great that someone is working with the Osram Lightify Gateway.
Can I install and test this on my OH2 and my Lightify Gateway now or do I need to wait little bit?

Just clone the repo, build the JAR and deploy it to OH2. I’m already using it. However I’m working on a better lightify lib right now as the underlying communication layer but it’ll not change how the system in itself works :slight_smile:

PS: Let me know if you have any other devices as lights as at the moment it’ll only support light bulbs and stripes and assumes all of them to be RGBW.

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I will probably only use it for bulbs, got the gateway today, Will use it with IKEAs new Zigbee bulbs, Trådfri, as they are only working with Lightify and SmartThings, not with Hue or with my Vera.

Not as I’m not a coder I’m not sure how to “clone the repo, build the JAR and deploy it to OH2.” :slight_smile: Will see later tonight if I can find any info.

Did you manage?

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great somebody dug into the API of the Lightify system …

I have to Lightify Plugs which I want to connect to my OH2 …
What do I have to do to get this running with my OH2?
(I’m not a developer, so the “build the JAR” part is not very easy to understand … :wink: )

Thanks in advance!

I’ve uploaded the current build (that runs on my openhab2 installation) to Dropbox (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17040722/org.openhab.binding.lightify-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar).

Just download it and copy it into the “addons” directory. For me, running the Ubunutu package, /usr/share/openhab2/addons.

Normally it’ll be picked up automatically even without a restart, if not just restart your openhab service. It’ll autodiscover the gateway which then needs to be added as a thing and after that it’ll discover lights / groups. A little bit more docs / info is here: https://github.com/noctarius/openhab2-addons/blob/osram-lightify-binding/addons/binding/org.openhab.binding.lightify/README.md

Do you also have the RGBW (Color + Tunable White) or also other ones?


Thank you very much!
I added the JAR to my addons folder and immediately my Lightify Gateway showed up.

At this point i only have five Lightify Plugs without any bulbs.
Got nearly my whole Light-Setup in my flat self-built with GU10 LED bulbs which are connected to a plug on the wall …
So I dont need the whole Lightify Package (which would be way to expensive).

I don’t think that plugs work at the moment due to a lack of hardware. However simple on/off commands might work still. I guess you’re not aware how to make a wire capture (capture network packets), do you? Otherwise I would have to get a plug myself.

I could try to get a wireshark running to capture the packets sent between the App on my Handy or which pakets could I send you to help?

Cannot create a new Reply so here my answer:

I don’t have a managed switch at home.

My Setup is as following:
Fritzbox -> WLAN -> Lightify Gateway -> Lightify Plug …

If you can tell me how to set it up to help I would do my best :wink:

Unfortunately it is not that easy as the WiFi Hotspot will forward between app and gateway only. I actually use two WiFi Hotspots to route traffic through my managed switch. If you get a way to capture the packets that would be awesome.

The addon doesn’t show up in openhab2 on raspberry. Copied it to: /usr/share/openhab2/addons
Anything more to do / configure for me?

Have you tried restarting your openhab instance? (You’re running Openhab2, don’t you? ;-))

Normally it’ll start up and automatically discover the gateway and put it in your inbox. If not, see the log and find any possible exception. If any exception happens, let me know by posting it here.

Now I can confirm the Plug does Not change its outlet status via openhab.
How can I help to debug?

Packet capture would be great. Capture while opening the the app on your mobile (sending all connected devices) and activate / deactivate the plug. If it has any more options, feel free to do those as well.

As mentioned before (see a few posts above), captures is just not that easy unfortunately. If you have a rooted android device there might be some chance or using the Android Dev Tools and a connected debugger (but never did this myself).

So if I set Up a wireshark before switching via App anderen Gateway that would help?
Or do I have to log in any other way?

Edit: remove Outlook Spam.
The Plugs seem to have only the on/off setting. Nothing Else…

Yes a wireshark would be helpful but the problem is how most wifi hotspots forward data. Therefore you won’t see the traffic between your mobile and gateway on your laptop to actually capture it.

What I do is 2 hotspots and a managed switch in between. Gateway connected to one hotspot, mobile to another. On the managed switch I clone all network traffic to a specific port to capture it.

Haven’t found a better way yet to do the capture in a reliable way. You can see if your capture is helpful if you see incoming / outgoing packets for the gateway.

So I’ll give it a try to run the wireshark.
I think it will Show me the packages sent from the App to the Gateway…
Does this help?