OSRAM Lightify Openhab2 Binding

I’m on linux, so I installed sshpass and then created a crontab entry:

35 4 * * * sshpass -p habopen  ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost bundle:restart org.openhab.binding.osramlightify

Note that it helps, but it doesn’t solve the issue. Sometimes it quits working before my nightly restart, so I have no control of my Lightify until I do it manually.

Hmm, for me restarting the bundle did not help. When I rebooted my openHAB system, it works though. I’ve added a nightly reboot now.

@idean: Can you see anything in the logs indicating that the binding has a problem? Maybe in TRACE loglevel? I haven’t spotted anything yet.

I found that reducing the maximum polling interval of the lightify hub to 3 seconds instead of the default caused this problem and the problem of my hub going unresponsive to openhab2 both to disappear. Seems to keep the hub responsive and as long as the hub is responsive the memory and cpu cycles leaks both evaporated.

Just a quick update: the nightly reboot is not a good solution since the JIT compiler takes some time to process rules for e.g. light switches in my home – so one has a delay of a couple of seconds on first use of the day…

@jgreene: Can you post a screenshot of your gateway settings as reference?

These are my settings which appear to work well. No reboot neither a restart of the binding since about 5 days. Over 80.000 requests have been sent to the gateway in that time.

sorry just saw that reqest…it stopped working at all for me as of last lightify update

@ceedee are those gateway settings still working for you? I’m using 2.5.0 snapshot and am seeing the same issue with the gateway going unresponsive in the binding, but still working via the Lightify app. I’ll apply them tonight and see if it does anything for me.


on my installation - it didn’t work for me anymore on the current 2.5.0 snapshot. I had to switch back to the stable-version :frowning:

Thanks for the feedback @_Jens. What version are you currently running? The latest (2.4.0 I think) from the marketplace? Are you seeing good results with that version and those configuration parameters now?

@mjagdis is this unresponsiveness issue something you’ve been able to recreate? Happy to provide any data I can if needed

Blockquote What version are you currently running? The latest (2.4.0 I think) from the marketplace? Are you seeing good results with that version and those configuration parameters now?

I’m now running 4.2.1 with the (current) marketplace Version of the Lightify AddOn about a week and got no problems since then.

Would it be possible to integrate support for RGB Devices in the binding. I have a Osram Garden Spot Mini which RGB (without W) and it is not discovered by the binding. With assistance I would be able provide needed information.

Just set the log level to TRACE for long enough to catch a status update and post it here.

What do I need to watch out for? I have set /org.openhab.binding.osramlightify to TRACE in Karaf and I see lot of messages LIST_PAIRED_DEVICES and LIST_GROUPS in the log file.

Can I provoke something using the lightify app to switch the RGW device on and off?

It’s the gateway’s response to LIST_PAIRED_DEVICES that I need. I
suspect that all we need is the magic number for an RGB device so
we can create an appropriate thing. The actual commands are likely
to be the same as the colour commands for an RGBW device.


What I see is this

2019-06-13 16:43:59.315 [TRACE] [mlightify.internal.LightifyConnector] - TX: Packet type = GROUPCAST, Command = LIST_PAIRED_DEVICES, Seq number = 740
2019-06-13 16:43:59.320 [TRACE] [mlightify.internal.LightifyConnector] - TX: 07000213E402000001
2019-06-13 16:43:59.358 [TRACE] [mlightify.internal.LightifyConnector] - RX: 6D000313E4020000000200C7D5D111AB00AA3EB07C0A0102051002000000018E0A14FF00FF506572676F6C6120426F64656E0000000000000000000000B7236DAE0A0000261884080102051002000000010000FFEA5FFF4C616D70696F6E7300000000000000000000000000000000

Not sure if it is important, but I have two devices paired with the Gateway the RGB Garden Spot Mini and a RGBW Garden Pole


Please try the version at http://www.eris-associates.co.uk/downloads/lightify/. This will also be the current version soon once Marketplace catches up.

As well as RGB (non-W) lights this also adds effects. You’ll need to delete existing things and re-add them to get the effects channel to appear. Documentation is in the README that is shown when you click/tap the entry in the binding Addons list in PaperUI. There’s also an example of how to create your own customizations in the downloads directory above if you want to waste a few hours (although you may have to also read the source code!)

Thanks very much! I have installed the version, but unfortunately the RGB Device is still not discovered. Only the RGBW Device is discovered

Fixed it (I think). I’d missed changing an RGBW to an RGB in my
copy and pasting. Try again.


Great! :slight_smile: Works like a charm!

Thanks very much! WAF of my installation is increased by 100% now! :wink:

Only thing (issue) I see right now, is that the RGW Device has no associated effect channel.


It does now. I’d cut 'n pasted the RGB thing before I merged the
old effects stuff and completely forgot it would need the channel