OSRAM Smart+ Bulb / Motion Sensor

I´ve managed some problems but right now, I´m kind of tired. I simple don´t know what to do now.
I installed openhabian on my rasberry pi, bought a zigbee dongle and installed zigbee2mqtt. It seems everything is working fine, after solving many problems, but I can´t find any thing like my bulb or motion sensor in the paper ui. :frowning:

  1. Problem (well I think it is a problem):
    After klicking on “add manually” I see following:
    You need a configured Broker first. Dynamically add channels of various types to this Thing. Link different MQTT topics to each channel.

  2. Broker vs. embedded Broker
    Do I need both?

I´ve searched and read a lot of articles. So if anyone can provide a useful link or help I would be really happy.


I would advise you to install the mosquitto mqtt broker (The de facto standard)
The easier way is to install the openHAB embeded broker

You don’t need both

Thank you, but if i have both, why openhab tells me to configure a broker?

You need to tell openHAB which broker to use for this thing:

As you see I have renamed the Generic MQTT Thing
And chosen a broker Thing for it to use
So You must first configure a broker MQTT thing:

Again, I have renamed the thing to something more human and clicked the SHOW MORE button