Outdoor PoE camera recommendations (U.S.)

I need to get some outdoor cameras that can be powered using PoE. These will not be security cameras: they would mostly be for locating/keeping an eye on the dogs.

I don’t want or need cloud services. My OH3 setup is entirely local, and I plan to keep it that way. I also don’t care too much about motion detection zones or other fanciness as I already have motion detectors. Image quality doesn’t need to be spectacular; average will do, but I’d need IR/night vision. Color night/low-light vision in some of the newer cams is not necessary. Obviously, these would be wired rather than wireless. I’d prefer not to spend a small fortune, but…if that’s my only option, then it is what it is. :slight_smile:

Mostly, I want it to work with OH3 without hassles. I have one Foscam in the house and the thing is composed entirely of hassles.

Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. As the subject says, I’m in the U.S.

Personally have always been a fan of Axis cameras. Great support and rock solid. Admittedly, I only have their indoor models but they’ve always worked really well. Don’t need to be integrated into OH but I’m sure you can, since they’re IP cameras.

These look pretty nice. They are a tad more expensive than I was planning, but it seems like you are getting real value for the extra money spent.

If your in the us and want low cost then look at Amcrest. They are rebranded Dahua cameras, however Dahua cameras probably have more features and firmware updates more often to fix security flaws so worth comparing prices and features.

Hard to argue with the pricing on these. And, the features that are present in the Dahua cameras are not really ones that I need, so that works out, too.