Output format ignored after browser update

Hi folks,

Since updating to the newest snapshot today I seem to be having a new problem in the BasicUI.

When I first open the BasicUI in my browser, all values are shown the way I formatted and transformed them. But as soon as a value gets updated (without reloading the website), the values aren’t formatted and transformed anymore but are displayed as the ‘vanilla’ values that are in the database.

This is what the page looks like when I load it:

And this is after the two values got refreshed:

The format specified in the two items are:

“Status [MAP(octoprint.map):%s]”
“Fortschritt [%.1f%%]”

Funnily enough, this seems to only persist in the BasicUI. ClassicUI seems to update just fine.

That’s not a new problem, but one that was there from the start: https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues/640
It’s going to be fixed soon with a bit of luck!

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Really? Huh, I probably never noticed that. But then again, I never had fast updating items before.

Thanks for the reply!