Output Item State as Audio

Short Question, I would have an Item Status information of my Openhab System by Voice, while the HabPanel at my Fire Tablet is open.

I saw and tested the function in HabPanel “Speak the new Value of the following Item if it’s changed” (sorry I have the panel in German Language, so I’m not sure how this is called in english version)
It works fine for my Test (HabPanel at my Notebook), I can hear the change i.e. for the Speedtest script states, but:

  1. I only can choose only ONE Item per Panel
  2. Will this also work for my Fire Tablet because I have to choose the Voice Output in the Panel, so I choose “Microsoft Hedda Desktop”, which maybe is not availabe at the Tablet (Android)

So my simple Question is:
How can I get a Voice Output at my Wall mounted Tablet with HabPanel opened, i.e. if my Radiator Mode is changing from ECO to COMFORT state or vice versa?

Sorry for my bad english, I tried my best…

I’ve not done this myself but I think the way it would work is you would configure the HABPanel as an audio sink (I don’t know exactly how but this should help you search). Then you would need to configure the TTS engine so it can convert text to speech. Finally you would need a Rule to trigger and use the say Action to generate the text to say at the audio sink.

Can’t test ATM, but to the best of my knowledge such is a build in function of habpanel, so no rule nor service nor audiosink is needed. In order to have special setup for ONE device you need to save this setup LOCALLY on that device as opposed to on the server. Although I have never tested on how long this locally held setup stays in the cache.
Of course you need to select a voice useable for the tablet.