Outsource openhab installation to USB stick

Hi all,

on my raspberry pi 3 I want to outsource my apt-get installation to an usb stick. Is there a way to do this (changing the link of the openhab folders?) - I don’t want to transfer everything - only the openhab folders. Is that possible - my linux skills are a bit limited and while googleing I only found some stuff about outsourcing the whole SD card. Any help is appreciated!


Although I have not tried this, these commented lines in /etc/default/openhab2 might be a good start:


OPENHAB_CONF might be the only one to change. Uncomment that line, change it to point where you want to store your config files, copy them there and restart OH2. It might be just that simple, but maybe someone with more experience can provide greater insight as to correctness or consequences. The one point I can’t address is whether apt will respect the change, although I suspect it will.
Good luck

The OpenHabian distro provides a menu-driven way to move the entire booting process to a USB stick. (I have used it myself).

Given the known degradation curves for SD cards, why would you not move everything to USB ?

Your easiest approach will be to use a Manual installation and put your OH folder on the USB card.