Over few - radio controled eco systems

Here is a collection of radio controlled home automation eco systems put together by an IoT beginner in order to gain an idea which systems to buy.

Would be nice if you could add on systems and comment on my findings in order to create one thread giving beginners an over few about all relevant available systems and their pros and cons. Info about all available bindings for openHAB can be found here.

Z-Wave and Z-Wave +
• Used by many openHAB users
• Wide range of products from different vendors, fast growing
• Mesh system > cable wired components act as repeaters
• Sub GHz system generic
• No separate base unit needed
• Things report back to Z-Wave stick>openHAB
• Firmware not easy to update trough openHAB
• Some things reported to have high battery consumption
• Main brands: Fibaro, Aeotec, Qubino, Z-Wave.ME, Popp,

MomeMatic, HomeMatic IP
• Used by many openHAB users
• Wide generic range
• No mesh system but repeaters possible
• Sub GHz system generic
• Need base CCU2 or alternative to work with openHAB
• Firmware easy update via CCU2 interface
• Generic to eQ-3
• Meanwhile more expensive than most Z-Wave things
• Homematic and Homematic IP things can be mixed operated at a base unit CCU2

• Relative wide range offered by different vendors
• Sub GHz system generic
• No batteries needed for non-wired things (energy harvesting)
• Relatively expensive compared to Z-Wave and HomeMatic
• Main brands: Eltako, Peha,

• Mainly for lighting applications. Others available
• Mesh system possible other topologies possible
• Sub GHz system generic
• USB-Stick and gateways available
• Limited interoperability between different vendors/systems
• Main brands: Philips Hue, Ikea, Osram Lightify, Busch-Jaeger, Samsung SmartThings

• Complete system
• Sub GHz system generic
• Hardly available in Europe
• Mesh system

• Used by a growing number of openHAB enthusiasts
• Relatively small portfolio for now
• Does need Tasmota firmware flash and MQTT broker to work with openHAB
• Is using WiFi standard
• Very low price points
• Hardly available in Europe (at least in Germany)
• Can be ordered directly at the vendors homepage - ITEAD

• Mainly for lighting applications limited offering of things
• No mesh system?
• Sub GHz system generic
• Things do not report back
• Relatively cheap

• Only heating system control (thermostatic radiator heads, thermostats, window contacts)
• Generic to eQ-3
• No mesh system no repeaters
• Sub GHz system generic
• Relatively cheap

WiFi systems - general
• Can use existing WiFi network
• Relatively easy to set up
• Relatively high energy consumption – battery operated devices problematic
• Various generic systems
• Need to list in particular > brands and standards
• Known systems: AVM Fritz!Dect, TP-Link BlueTooth (low energy)
• Is using standard or low energy BlueToth
• Various generic systems
• Relatively short range

BlueTooth (low energy) - general
• Is using standard or low energy BlueToth
• Various generic systems
• Relatively short range