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One quick reading of the openhab.org web site, I realize this thing is way too much “engineered” and designed by a commitee. I’ve noticed that this is an unfortunate pattern within the open software communitee. As a more-advanced-than-usual end user, it’s beginning to dawn on me that open software is not for me.

Oh, hi Karin,
I love those kind of people who judge things within seconds - always correct of course.
I put you in my category together with the people who start sentences with " I am no expert, but…" :smiley:

So what exactly is over engineered then. You must be able to back this up with examples?

As there’s no point in joining and posting just this as that guy did, it’s likely just another rant meant to make us waste time on answering as we have been having a number of posts in the past.
So don’t waste your time.



I suggest just closing it now. If the original poster wants to have a real conversation about openHAB, I’d encourage them to start a new thread and actually invite conversation.

Responding directly to their post, I agree that open-source software is not for everyone, and not for every scenario. Nothing more really needs to be said on the topic.