Override label for Item in sitemap (Sonos binding)

Trying to understand how labels are set in the GUI.

I have the following:


Group SonosKitchen "Sonos PLAY:5 Kitchen" (Sonos)
Player SonosKitchenControl    "Control"     <settings>      (SonosKitchen) { channel="sonos:PLAY5:RINCON_000E5857B06XXXXXX:control"}
String SonosKitchenArtist     "Artist [%s]"                 (SonosKitchen) { channel="sonos:PLAY5:RINCON_000E5857B06XXXXX:currentartist" }


Group item=kitchen label="Kitchen" icon="kitchen" {
        Text item=SonosKitchenArtist

This will display “Current Artist” even though I have defined:
String SonosKitchenArtist “Artist [%s]”

Setting Text item=SonosKitchenArtist label=“Artist” Will work, but that would mean
I won’t be able to reuse my group definition.

Is there anyway of setting the label directly in the items file?

I thought the definition was:
itemtype itemname [“labeltext”] [] [(group1, group2, …)] [{bindingconfig}]

That would mean the default label would be “Artist” and not “Current Artist”, what am I missing? :slight_smile:

Your sitemap doesn’t look right. I think you can only use a subframe like you appear to be trying with Text elements. If you want the sitemap to just plop all the members of a Group on your sitemap with whatever the defaults for those Items are you can use Group item=SonosKitchen. Otherwise what you want is:

Text item=SonosKitchen label = "Kitchen" icon="kitchen" {
    Text item=SonosKitchenArtist

NOTE: I see no “kitchen” group so I used SonosKitchen for the Item name for the Text Item.

Beyond that I have no idea what is going on from your description. I have no idea where “Current Artist” comes from (you have it defined nowhere).