Overview of bindings classified by local / cloud based operation?

I am wondering if there is somewhere an overview of all bindings where I can directly filter or see which technologies allow local operation and which rely on cloud based services?
I really would like the idea of having one central page or table where users can easily see directly how the underlying concepts are. I could imagine a classification in 3 categories:

  1. “Pure” local bindings: Configuration and operation is done only within the local network and a local bridge (Example: Z-Wave binding)

  2. “Pure” cloud based bindings: Devices need to be configured and operated via a vendor specific cloud service and OH communicates only indirectly with the devices by using this cloud service (Example: Somfy Tahoma)

  3. “Mixed” usage possible: This category is difficult to describe but one example could be the Xiaomi binding. You need to use the cloud initially but can also operate devices locally (if I understand the concept correctly).

So my question to the community: Is there somewhere an overview/comparison chart of bindings/smart home technologies which reports these characteristics?

No, not yet, you are welcome to write it of course.

Yes, I really would like to write it and contribute. Could you give me a hint what would be the right place for this?

Do it here, on a new thread.

Use the markdown format
We can always move it the the general documentation later