Own binding as a REST server


I want to create binding for Supla.org devices. This binding should be simply a REST server that is compatible with this client https://github.com/SUPLA/restful-api-client/blob/master/php/SuplaCloudClient.php (warning PHP code :wink: ).

How can I do it? Can I use some javax.ws.rs classes? Do I need to provide my own server (Tomcat/Jersey)?

Thank in advance!


I’m not an expert…but it seems it’s just a platform to control ESP8266,Sonoff and other devices of that type. There are already bindings and methods to control that kind of devices in OpenHAB. So if you have OpenHAb, there is no need for anything additional. Or I’m totally missing something here. Just my 2 cents.

Sonoff is already programmed to work with REST servers. I don’t want to upload new C code on ESP8266