Own openhab cloud and GCM (Google Cloud Messages) and ifttt

How can I make GCM and ifttt get ready to work on my own openhab cloud server ?

I found this in the config.json:

 "gcm" : {
  "jid": "something@gcm.googleapis.com",
  "password": "password"
"ifttt" : {
  "iftttChannelKey" : "key",
  "iftttTestToken" : "token"


Hi Kobelka,

I’m having the same issues…Did you manage to solve this yet?



No, I am also didn´t manged ist :unamused:

Hi Kobelka. I solved the gcm issue. see following link https://github.com/openhab/openhab-cloud/issues/67#issuecomment-291874305


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Thank´s for the link to my own issue :grin: I didn´t get any notifications…
I will try this…

I hope I find the way to compile my own habdroid :fearful:


Its fairly easy…Just install android studio which is a free download. Then clone the habdroid git and recompile with the changes required. you also need a google firebase gcm project to get your id and key. :wink:

Assuming that you use android.

Thanks for the hints…
I will try and yes I use Android :grin:

Hi Erik,
can I use firebase or do I have to use the old GCM ?

hi Kobelka,

I used firebase which works fine