Own Openhab Cloud PaperUI ist not working?

I´ve installes an own Openhab Cloud but when I try to open PaperUI the following Error comes up:

Cannot GET /paperui/index.html

Is PaperUI not working in the private Openhab Cloud ?

@ryandetzel I saw you opened a Issue (which was closed) Is PaperUI working on your server ?


It’s not working and I tried to expand on the ticket that was closed but I got no response. personally I don’t use it so I haven’t had a need to jump in and figure it out.

Thanks for your answer…I opened a new issue hope they did not close it again…

@ryandetzel @vbbaby3,

guys thanks for your inputs.
I would like to propose to discuss first here and check for solutions, than open issues. Sometimes we can find solutions right here…
I ve commented your issue at github…

BR Mehmet

Hi Marzima,

I think we are mixing things up here.
Openhab cloud is in fact referring to the correct url (in my case https://openhab.heerle.com/paperui/index.html) but the paperui simply does not work and throws " Cannot GET /paperui/index.html" as an error.

All other UI’s like basic, classic, habmin and habpanel are working just fine.

The paperui icon looks funny:

and when clicking the paperui icon:

In both cases it seems we are redirecting to the correct URL.

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@snoekieboe ,

I think thats more a problem with the paperui binding instead of the cloud. Can you post some log files? Is the paperui properly started in karaf console?

The paperui seems to work just fine when connecting locally.
which log files would you like to see?
when trying to connect to paperui using the cloud the local openhab logging does not show any entry…

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